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Hydro Jetting - What is it?

What is Hydro Jetting? Think of pressure washing your driveway? Or even pressure washing your house? Imagine that kind of cleaning power for your sewer pipes but amplified. Over time, sewer pipes become clogged with dirt, hair, grease and other debris including tree roots. These clogs will slow the flow of water through your sewer pipes. They can even clog drains and back up into your toilets or bathtubs that’s why we recommend Hydro Jetting San Antonio.

At Immediate Response Plumbing, Inc. we understand that not all clogs should be treated the same. Traditional snaking and rootering won’t always do the trick. Rootering (with a cable andHydro Jetting cutting blade) in certain situations can only offer temporary relief but will not completely remove the material that has built up inside your sewer. Our Hydro Jet uses highly pressurized water to cut through even the most stubborn clogs and will remove built-up mineral deposits and roots.

Hydro Jetting San Antonio is also an excellent way to prevent sewer clogs from forming in the first place. Don’t wait for your sewer to back up. Our preventative maintenance plans will help save you time, money and the headache of a costly sewer repair. Call Immediate Response Plumbing, Inc. today for all your sewer needs.