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Since 1999, Immediate Response Plumbing & Rooter Service Inc., has been Plumbing San Antonio area with an emphasis on customer service. Each department within our Plumbing San Antonio Company has an experienced foreman that is dedicated to bringing the best quality, performance, and results to our customers. Our supervisory staff has the know-how and attention to detail to ensure that your plumbing needs are identified and resolved quickly. Immediate Response Plumbing & Rooter Service Inc., owner, Mr. Robert Bruccola, a third-generation Master Plumber, believes in a hands-on approach and personally reviews all jobs to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we run out of hot water so fast?

Depending on your heater’s age and type, there are a couple of reasons you may be running out so quickly.

Electric water heaters commonly have 2 elements that heat the water: the top element and the lower element.  Chances are, if you are running out of hot water quickly, the lower element is not working, and only the top portion of the tank is being heated.  If the top element stops working, neither will heat, and you will have no hot water.

There is also a reset button on an electric water heater that can trip.  If the reset button is tripped, that is an indicator that there is a more serious problem.

If you have a gas hot water tank, the most common reason is the dip tube.  The dip tube is a piece of pipe that directs the cold water to the bottom of the tank to get heated.  Over time this dip tube can get shorter, causing the cold water to mix with the hot, causing temped water.

Call Immediate Response Plumbing if you have any questions about hot water tank issues.

Why does my drain get clogged?

In most cases, drains get clogged because people are not careful of what goes in the drain, especially in the kitchen.  Other drains, like the bathroom, get clogged due to residues from soap and hair.  It is recommended that you are conscious of what you put down your drain and treat them with a safe cleaner.

Why does the toilet keep running?

This is probably the most commonly asked plumbing question.  In most cases, it is caused by the flapper not closing on or making a proper seal around the flush valve.  If the flapper is not closing, then jiggle the handle and that will normally fix the issue.  If the flapper is worn out and not properly sealing, then you will have to have the flapper replaced.  Either way, if the flapper does not seal the water will leak into the toilet and the tank will not fill with water to push the float up and turn off the supply of water. Call Immediate Response Plumbing, for any toilet issues.

What can I put in my garbage disposal?

Garbage disposals are not macerators and will only break up soft debris.  Mashed potatoes, cooked carrots, eggs, etc., are ok to put in the disposal.  Things like bones, coffee grounds, eggshells, or any hard product will wear the blades and jam the disposal.  You should always run water to the disposal to help break down the foods and flush through the drain. Call the professionals at Immediate Response Plumbing, for help with your disposal.

Is it safe to use chemical drain cleaners?

Drain cleaners are very toxic.  If you ever look at the back of the product, you will notice at least 3 warning labels.  These are not very good products to have laying around your house, especially if you have kids or pets.  These toxic chemicals are also nasty for your pipes, causing them to deteriorate from the inside out.  If this happens, your drain lines will need to be replaced.  There are enzymes and friendly bacteria products that will keep grease and sludge from building up inside of your pipes.

If you have a clog, please call the professionals at Immediate Response Plumbing.


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