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The local municipal water system does an excellent job of rendering water potable for our use. Modern life depends on reliable water for drinking, cooking and cleaning. But even the most diligent public system can miss certain key factors – hard water, for example, is a considerable problem in our area – and everyone’s water could stand to be a little cleaner and purer. Homes with infants or similarly sensitive family members especially benefit from a water filtration system.

A water filtration system installed by a trained plumbing service professional, can provide you with years of cleaner healthier water. With temperatures finally lowering after a very hot summer, now is a good time to schedule a home improvement project such as this.

Problems Addressed by Water Filtration

We like to perform a little demonstration to emphasize the kinds of improvements that a water filtration system can bring. Fill an ice cube tray with water from the tap, then fill another with filtered water purchased from a store. After they have frozen, take a look at them. The ice created by the tap water is apt to look grayer and cloudier than the ice from the store.

That can be created by all manner of contaminants which, even when they’re not harmful, can create all kinds of little impacts on your quality of life. Installing a water filtration system is the best way to correct that.

How Installation Works

Before installation begins, you might want to have your water tested to pinpoint any specific issues that it may be experiencing. If you only have hard water, for instance, then a water softening system may be ideal, while homes about to welcome newborns may want a UV water purifier to eliminate germs and contaminants. Once you know what you want, then installation can proceed. In most cases, the water filtration system is installed either at the apex of the outlet it is intended to affect, or at the apex to your main water line, where all the water from the municipal system enters your home.

The Benefits

Most water filtration systems cost very little to operate and require few repairs save for periodic maintenance. That gives you very good value for the installation costs, allowing you to enjoy the benefits for years. What are those benefits? They can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Healthier water  By removing those impurities, you and your family can enjoy drinking and bathing with no risk of germs or bacteria slipping though.
  • Tastier water Filtered water tends to taste better than unfiltered water, a trend that extends to foods cooked with filtered water as well.
  • Softer water If hard water is a problem in your home, water softeners will remove the minerals. That crusty white build-up will vanish and your laundry loads will go much easier on your clothes.

If you’d like a water filtration system installed in your San Antonio, TX home, or you have an existing system that needs a look, call the professionals at Immediate Response Plumbing, Inc!