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Did you know that Texas is the second largest state in the US and Texas has some of the hardest water in the United States

When rain falls, it gathers in lakes and aquifers. Rock formations in these bodies of water begin to slowly melt and enrich the water with dissolved minerals. The greater the number of dissolved minerals in the water, the harder it is. In Texas, the water ranks as the state with the 6th hardest water in the US.

For example, Austin’s water has 184 Parts Per Million of hardness, San Antonio’s water hardness is 357 PPM and Midland’s water is an extremely hard 500 PPM.

Have you noticed dry hair or dry skin or even itchy skin?

That may be a sign of hard water in your home.

Do you see staining or discoloration in your sinks, toilets, or tubs?

How about mineral deposits on your dishes or appliances?

Most homeowners don’t know much about water softeners. Water-softeners help dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters work better and last longer. Also, your soaps, body washes, and shampoos will lather better and last longer in soft water. Using less will ultimately save you money.

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