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Main Sewer Line Drain Cleaning

Main Sewer Line Drain Cleaning


Drain  Cleaning

Main Sewer Line Drain Cleaning!

Got a blocked or stopped-up main sewer line? Call the 24-hour drain-cleaning experts at Immediate Response Plumbing & Drain Cleaning!

Drain plumbing is an integral part of your home’s health that you never think about until they back up and ruin your day. Whether it’s roots in the sewer line, flushed objects, or broken drain lines, Immediate Response Plumbing & Drain Cleaning has an experienced technician ready to handle it for you. Not only will we clear the stoppage, we can prevent it from reoccurring. Plus, we’ll provide a free video inspection of your main sewer line so you can see what’s going on down there.

Call us at 210-599-3500 – We work around the clock, 24-7, for your peace of mind.    

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Immediate Response Plumbing 4 steps to unblocking clogged drainIf you have a clogged drain, it’s important to think clearly and not do anything that could cause more harm than good. You may not need to call a plumber, but it is certainly a possibility that shouldn’t be ruled out. Here are 4 simple steps to try the next time you get a clogged drain.

Plunger – Tried, tested and true, the ol’ plunger is always the first step in taking care of that clogged drain. Fill the sink partially with water, a little less than a quarter of the way full. If you have a double sink, you will need to block the other drain with a cloth or towel. Plunge over the drain, up and down rapidly, until the water in the sink begins to drain. If it does, it was just a small obstruction, and you no longer have a clogged drain!

Baking Soda and Vinegar – This common trick is an age-old method of handling a clogged drain. First, using a bucket, empty the water from the sink. Next, stuff about a cup of baking soda down the drain. Use a wooden spoon or spatula handle to pack it down. Next, pour a cup of vinegar down the sink and put the stopper in immediately to force the mixture down. Much like a 5th grade volcano science project, the mixture will foam downwards into the pipes. Let the mixture work its magic for five minutes and then proceed by running warm water down the drain. If it is still clogged, try four cups of boiling water. If you still have a clogged drain, it’s time to move on to step #3.

Cable Auger – This is the most difficult method, and should not be attempted by amateur handymen. Using a bucket to catch the water, one would detach the trap or J-joint underneath the sink connecting the sink to the horizontal pipe. Then, after removing the horizontal pipe from the wall, use the cable auger to slide down the stub pipe. Slowly push the cable down by spinning the crank clockwise. Once you catch the clog, spin counter clockwise to retrieve the cable, and hopefully the obstruction as well. This should unblock your clogged drain.

Call Immediate Response Plumber – Finally, if all three of these methods have failed to clear the clogged drain (or you do not feel experienced or comfortable enough to attempt step #3), it is time to call an expert. Continuing to try to unblock a clogged drain with other methods can often lead to disastrous results. Really, the best advice is to contact you’re a plumbing service.


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Water Heater Repair Service

Water Heater Repair Service


Water Heater Repair Services water heaters are a tricky business. Water heater repair services do not always require the same technical training or licensing as plumbers and other contractors. It is also sometimes difficult to distinguish between a company simply on the hunt to sell water heaters instead of repair them. It is important to carefully select a water heater repair service for your home needs. Here are five things to consider before you hire a water heater repair service:

Avoid Door-to-Door Representatives – You get a knock at the door, and someone wearing a uniform tells you they need to check your water heater. If you let them, they will likely tell you the water heater is old and inefficient and should be replaced, even if that’s not true. You should not invite door-to-door salesmen into your home; there are much better ways to find a reliable water heater repair company.

Reputation – The internet allows you to easily find out which water heater repair companies have the best reputations. By checking water heater repair services out online, you are able to access customer reviews and ratings. It is advisable to check with the Better Business Bureau for complaints, as well.

Certification – While they do not require the same amount of technical training as other contractors, water heater repair service technicians still require certification. It is important to check their certification before allowing them to repair or replace your water heater.

Experience – Experience is extremely important when it comes to water heater repair services. Generally, the more experienced the technician, the higher the quality of the work.

Price – At the end of the day, price is always a deciding factor. However, it shouldn’t be the only factor—you should be very wary of a company that gives you an estimate that seems too good to be true. You will probably end up paying more in the long run to fix their poor-quality work or to repair or replace the water heater again just a few short months or years later.

By following these simple steps, you will be able to distinguish which water heater repair service company https://immediateresponseplumbing.com/water-heater-repair/is the most reliable, the most experienced, and executes quality work.

For water heater repair services in San Antonio, TX, contact us Immediate Response Plumbing. We have over 20+ years of experience in the industry, and would be glad to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today!


Plumbing Noises

Plumbing Noises

Plumber San Antonio


Don’t Let Strange Plumbing Noises Haunt You This Halloween!

Has a strange noise ever disturbed a quiet evening at your San Antonio home? Have you ever suspected a noise might be from a ghost, a prowler, or a boogeyman? Could that creepy, mysterious noise just be a harmless plumbing noise? Or could it be a sign that you need a plumbing repair? Let’s find out! Our Immediate Response Plumbers are here to reveal what strange plumbing noises are really all about!



Plumbing Noise #1: The Water Hammer

You may hear this noise after you turn off the water. The water in your pipe comes to an abrupt stop, sending a shockwave through your plumbing pipe, thereby creating a loud hammering noise. If you have a water hammer, you’ll want to have your local plumber install a pressure-relieving valve or an air chamber to prevent a burst pipe or failed pipe fitting.

Plumbing Noise #2: A Sudden Rush of Water in a Drain Line

You may hear an appliance like a laundry machine or dishwasher release a surge of water unexpectedly. This is perfectly normal; the appliance is simply sending wastewater out to the drainage system.

Plumbing Noise #3: The Nighttime Drip

If you hear a dripping or trickling after you go to bed at night, you most likely have a water leak. During the day, your home is probably busier and noisier, making it harder to hear leaking water. Check around for the water leak and have it repaired so that you can conserve water in San Antonio and save money on your water bill.

Plumbing Noise #4: Banging Pipes

When water flows through a plumbing pipe, it can cause the plumbing pipe to bang into something nearby, creating a loud banging noise. Obviously it’s not good to have a pipe constantly coming into contact with something else, so you’ll want to insulate the pipe to provide a protective cushion.

For help with these and any other plumbing problems you may have in San Antonio, give Immediate Response Plumbing a call today!


How To Choose A Water Heater

How To Choose A Water Heater

Immediate Response Plumbing Water HeaterAre you planning to buy a hot water unit but don’t know which type to go for? With so many types and models to pick from, choosing the most suitable one can become very challenging. Prior to parting with your hard earned cash, here are some basic information that will help you determine the best hot water heater system suited for your household needs. – See more at: https://immediateresponseplumbing.com/water-heater-repair


How To Choose A Water Heater

Conventional Water Heater, storage uses natural gas, oil, propane or electricity, the water is kept constantly heated in the storage tank. Among all types, this is the kind commonly used in most households.

Tankless Water Heater, is heats the water as you need it instead of continually heating water stored in a tank.

Solar Hot Water Systems, work by heating water using energy generated from the sun.

Among the various water heaters available, which type is the most suitable one for your home? To identify the best type for your needs, take into account the following key factors:

Fuel type and availability of energy source: a unit’s yearly operation cost and energy efficiency, typically depends on the type of fuel and energy source used.

Energy efficiency: When buying a unit, it’s important you choose one that comes with a higher energy factor (EF). Typically, the higher the EF, the more efficient it is.

Cost: To know which type will help you save more money, check out the different models available; compare annual operating cost estimates as well as the selling price of each.

Size: For maximum system efficiency, choose a size that will complement your household needs. For Tankless types, sizing requires identification of the flow rate as well as the number of users in the household. While unknown to many, water temperature can drop once multiple users exceed the flow rate. As for the solar type, you need to identify the total collector area as well as the storage volume to effectively gauge the right size to purchase. To determine certain requirements and collector sizing, most contractors use worksheets and computer programs.

Storage: Water heater sizing is determined by using the unit’s first hour rating. This refers to the amount of hot water the unit is capable of supplying in an hour’s time.

Here are some benefits and drawbacks of each type:

  • Conventional storage: Affordable, Can last up to 10-15 years,Contains an average EF rating of 0.67, Widely available and comes in various sizes, May run out of hot water during extended use, Cost ranges from $200 to $400 (installation fee still not included).
  • Solar: Free energy from the sun, Lower monthly energy bills, Can last up to 20 years, most models come with a hefty price tag, Uses conventional water heater for backup, DIY kits costs $2,000 while professional installation cost can range from $5,000 to $7,000.
  • Tankless: Higher Cost, Little to no standby energy loss, Contains an average EF rating of 0.75, Uses 20 to 30 per cent less energy compared to storage tank units, Requires little space (it can even be mounted inside or outside), General Cost ranges from $800 to $1400 (installation not included) – See more at: https://immediateresponseplumbing.com/tankless-water-heater

Immediate Response Plumbing Water Heater

Spring Plumbing

Spring Plumbing

Immediate Response Plumbing Spring PlumbingSpring Is Here



Hello San Antonio friends, guess what? That’s right! Spring is here and you know what that means- lots of flowers blooming, the trees will be blossoming, branches will be growing, and unfortunately so will tree root systems. The root systems can typically reach out as far underground as the branches do. They grow in search of water and love to find a sewer line with any weakness that they can dig into, not only for a water sources but also fertilizer. These roots find any little crack or flaw in the piping and send small hair-like roots inside, which then grow and swell and open the cracks even more. Eventually, they will clog the pipes, burst them, and collapse your sewer, causing you a lot of heartache. A properly installed sewer main in good condition should never allow roots inside. If your sewer does clog with roots, it is a sign of growing and worsening problems to come, which will one day result in you having your sewer main replaced.
Fortunately, you know someone who can help you. Yes, that would be us…Immediate Response Plumbing. It’s not as expensive as you might think and with all underground work done, such as sewer main replacement or water main replacement, we give you a 20 year warranty. Roots are not the only reason for sewer mains to clog. Excessive weather conditions like heat, cold, rain, or lack of rain can cause the ground to settle and shift. So, this being said, if you are experiencing any type of spring plumbing issues, Call Us… 210-599-3500 and we will take care of them in a professional manner.

“We are Better, Faster, and Cleaner, We are Immediate Response Plumbing.”