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My Sink Is Clogged…Use A Sink Plunger

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My Sink Is Clogged…Use A Sink Plunger

sink plungerDon’t you hate it when you get a clogged sink. Ugh I know I do. How do you handle it? I know some pour hot water down the drain…but that does nothing. Use a hanger? Hmmm….Use Drain-O?? Well it may or may not work. The best bet will be to use a sink plunger.

While most of us associate plungers with the toilet, they’re great for unclogging drains all around your house – provided you know what you’re doing, of course.

First, choose the right type. Plungers are not a one-size-fits-all tool, as you need the right one for the job. As opposed to a protruding flange plunger, the classic flat-on-the-bottom plunger is meant for sinks. Since sinks are flat on the bottom, so too should the plunger you use. That way, you can create a tight seal, which is needed in order for a plunger to work properly.

Even if you know how to use a plunger for your sink, you may still find that the drain remains clogged. Fear not if this happens to you, as it’s a common occurrence. Instead of taking the whole sink apart to remove the clog, simply call Immediate Response Plumbing for help. A professional plumber has the knowledge and special set of skills needed to handle especially jobs. When plungers aren’t up to the task, luckily a professional plumber is just a phone call away. 210-599-3500

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