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Bathtub Drain Stoppage

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Bathtub Drain Stoppage

Clogged Drain

Here is a bathtub drain stoppage call we went out to. This job was not your ordinary clogged bathtub drain. As you can see, once we ran the video camera inspection system from the roof vent through the pipe, you can see where the pipes were being clogged with roots. It takes special equipment to clear these kinds of clogged pipes.

We have many forms of drain cleaning equipment on each truck to handle the different types of stoppages, whether it is a clogged toilet, sink stoppage, bathtub drain stoppage, kitchen sink stoppage, or any other drain stoppage. We clear stoppages and clogs properly and completely or have the ability to repair the pipe in the event a break is located.

Plungers work great for a toilet or a quick fix on a sink, but you aren’t calling us for a quick fix. You want your drains to be trouble free with no surprises for years to come. If you have a problem drain, let us know. The more information you give us, the easier it is for us to determine the best course of action.

With real problem drains or drains that have roots in them we may suggest getting a Sewer Line or Drain Line Video Inspection or possibly use our Hydro-Jetting Service. We have the experience to clear your bathtub drain stoppage.

Bathtub stoppage


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